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About Our Rigs

4900 UTV – Greg

4400 Unlimited – Matt

Greg Torney, Car #428, 4900 UTV

Greg’s 428 UTV is a Can Am X3 platform with excessive chassis reinforcement and a myriad of aftermarket components. The four corners of the vehicle are supported with HCR arms while the inner portion is strengthened with custom gusseting and plate. For additional strength, we replaced the OEM wheel setup with Sedona Sano beadlock wheels which are mated to 32″R15 Sedona Rock-A-Billy tires. All axles and driveline components are RCV 300m for pure race-course annihilation. For over-the-top reliability and performance, the engine is cooled with a Mishimoto race-spec radiator and intercooler. Above all, safety was a paramount goal with this rig. PRP Podium Elite Suspension seats, PRP 5-Point 3″ harnesses, and PRP window nets line the interior for maximum peace of mind. A WARN Axon 5500 winch with synthetic line is retained above the front subframe for maximum trail preparedness.

Generally speaking, many stock components were retained for the 2021 season. The Smart Lok differential, knuckles, hubs, and steering rack (with a Hess Brace) are examples of this. For the 2022 season, we plan on running 428 in the Open class of Ultra4 and will likely redesign the entire vehicle.

Matt Torney, Car #804, 4400 Unlimited

Matt’s 804 Unlimited Truck is new for the 2022 season- after 3 seasons of racing in the UTV class, he’s moved up to the main event of Ultra4. This solid axle beast is heavily dependent on Spidertrax engineering for maximum reliability against the likes of King of the Hammers and the Ultra4 regional event lineup. Under the hood is a heavy-hitting LS3 with multiple goodies for throttle therapy. Much like Greg’s car, the inside is generously lined with PRP safety equipment such as PRP Alpha seats, 5-Point 3×2″ harnesses, and PRP window nets. We have big plans in store for the new truck and will keep everyone posted on the buildup as well as the new Draco Motorsports design.

Photo Credit- Harlen Foley, Dirt Nation Mag

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