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We’ve been using Sedona Tires on our Can-Am X3 for a while and, needless to say, are beyond excited to push their Rock-A-Billy and brand new Trail Saw tires to the limit this season. Especially with King of the Hammers being our first stop on the schedule, we rely on these tires for their ability to endure sustained loads, wear incredibly well, and to provide phenomenal traction. Beyond our insane respect for the Sedona tires lineup, we’ve begun using the Sedona Sano Beadlock wheel on both of our racing Can-Am X3s. We race the most brutal series of them all- Ultra4- and are exceptionally confident with the strength offered by the new Sano wheel lineup. It’s stunning in appearance, cast from exceptionally durable A356 aluminum, and has phenomenal low-weight characteristics to increase driveline life. The folks at Sedona are a world-class group of individuals that we are proud to call our team partners- they stand behind the quality of their products, without exception, and focus on quality as well as customer satisfaction ahead of all else. We trust Sedona for all of our wheel/tire needs and believe that you should too.

PRP is the leader in custom UTV seats, UTV accessories, and world-class safety equipment. Whether we’re using their ultra comfortable 5-point harnesses, beautiful one-of-a-kind seats, or insanely handy door bags, PRP never disappoints. The quality and attention to detail with any PRP product is noticeable from the first glance. On both of our racing Can Ams, we rely on PRP for their beyond incredible safety equipment (nets, seats, harnesses, etc.). Limit straps, steering wheels, speed straps, shock covers, etc. are highly utilized in addition to this! Their phenomenal customer support reminds us of how incredible this brand is as a whole. They thoroughly stand behind their equipment and are willing to help, by all means, to ensure your satisfaction as a customer.

When it comes to winches, no single company can parallel the incredible recognition and quality that is within each and every Warn product. The Warn brand is the absolute epitome of the off-road winch: phenomenal power to weight pulling strength, uncompromising weather-proof quality, and genuinely dependable. Every second of the race counts, getting stuck is NOT an option and is the exact reason why we choose Warn. Needless to say, the Draco Team is absolutely ecstatic to be partnering with Warn for the upcoming, jam-packed racing season. We are beyond excited to showcase the capability of our Warn Axon 55-S, starting with the 2021 King of the Hammers.

For the 2021 season, both vehicles will be fully equipped with HCR suspension components. HCR builds world-class equipment for the most demanding of riding conditions- it’s no surprise why some of the top racers in the industry run these parts. We’re so excited to run the best control arms and trailing arms in the industry. For the previous season, we ran other brands’ components and consequently dealt with a ruptured control arm as well as two sets of shattered trailing arms. When it comes to these parts, it’s not worth settling for less. Prevent thousands of dollars in potential UTV damage and stay in the race with HCR Suspension.

What’s our problem with axles? Unless they’re RCV, they’re not enough. For the 2020 season, we ran 4 different brands of axle (upfront and in the rear)- needless to say, each one broke with minimal effort. RCV is the only solution and quite possibly the last axle that you will ever install in your SxS. Believe us when we say that this peace of mind is invaluable. A broken axle can leave you stranded and ruin your weekend or race. RCV axles use a proprietary 300M alloy that allows flex within your axle shafts and CVs. In essence, this flex mitigates the likelihood of breakage: it can be easier on your drivetrain components as well by absorbing shock loads.

KC Hilites is the global leader in automotive and off-road lighting solutions. When it comes to sheer quality and innovation- nobody comes close to KC. Whether using their new SlimLite LED lineup, modular FLEX light bars, or individual pods- you will find that KC truly offers the brightest lights on the planet. Team Draco is beyond excited to push the KC LED lineup to its limits and prove the unparalleled KC advantage. In the harsh rigors of off-road racing, lighting is one piece of equipment that absolutely can’t fail and must take the abuse of racing head-on. You can’t go fast if you don’t know whats in front of you, this is the exact reason why we trust KC Hilites for all of our lighting needs. We are absolutely confident in the quality of our KC lights and put them on the front, rear, and everywhere in between on our Can-Am X3.

Our team partner for oils, Liqui Moly, will be lubricating all of our internals. When operating at full throttle for hours on end, we need an oil that doesn’t sacrifice and stays at optimal functionality regardless of the temperature. Liqui Molys’ products are often used in high horsepower auto racing platforms for their exceptional durability and lubrication characteristics- we are absolutely confident that this technology will keep our Can-Am cooler than ever and preserve the life our gearboxes, camshaft, crankshaft, valves, and everything in between! In both of our Can-Ams, Liqui Moly is the ONLY oil we trust to keep us moving forward.

Rugged Radios is an absolutely incredible company to work with- they are very easy to get in contact with and provide unparalleled levels of customer service. As far as we’re concerned, Rugged Radios builds the highest quality equipment in the industry. Utilizing their intercoms, radios, and air pumpers is a no-brainer: these pieces of equipment have, without a doubt, changed the way that we use UTVs forever. Especially in high-intensity racing environments, working with a company that stands behind their product is paramount. Our radios are an integral portion of the race: obstacle identification, pit-support readiness, and- of course- music listening are all possible due to our Rugged Radios intercom and radio setup.

Be sure to check them out the next time you need top-notch equipment for your vehicle:

Mishimoto is the industry leader in cooling products. They produce a wide array of phenomenal components ranging from high performance radiators to air filters- each and every product is designed with the utmost quality and ready for the rigors of racing. We are confident that their components will push the team to incredible success and keep us as cool as we possibly can be. For both race rigs, we will be using Mishimoto air filters as well as a Mishimoto radiator, intercooler, hoses, and their proprietary Liquid Chill synthetic coolant. Stay posted for our ‘how-to’ write-ups, reviews, and product performance analysis as we prove the excellence of Mishimoto in offroad racing.

Starting with the upcoming 2021 season, Draco will be partnering with Trinity Racing for belts and brakes. Especially in racing, being able to stop quickly is equally as important as being able to accelerate quickly- the Trinity Racing oversize rotor kit will absolutely accomplish this goal. Expect to see a complete write-up on how their brakes compare to the Can-Am OEM rotors! In addition to this, we will be using the Trinity Racing ‘World’s Best Belt’ for our events in order to spend more time on the track and less time swapping out belts! We are surely confident that this belt will work incredible for us and will stay strong for all of our events. Trinity Racing does a phenomenal job manufacturing performance exhausts and tunes as well- they create beautiful products that effectively enhance the performance of your UTV.

The best customer service and warranty in the industry, period. We rely on SATV for our skid plates, gusset kits, and equipment for the pit vehicle.

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